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  By: Place: 27 Oct 2013Advances (Loan)::Bank JobsView 2284
State Bank of Hyderabad, Managing Director, Mr. M Bhagavantha Rao: profile
  Mr. M. Bhagavantha Rao has taken over charge as the Managing Director of State Bank of Hyderabad, an associate bank of Indias largest lender State Bank of India..    Read  
  By: Raj Kumar (Source: Banks website )Place: 12 Jul 2013Advances (Loan)::Bank JobsView 2920
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank, MD and CEO, Mr. K.B. Nagendra Murthy: Profile
  Mr.K.B. Nagendra Murthy has taken over charge as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd. on 03.07.2012.    Read  
  By: Raj Kumar (Source: Banks website )Place: 12 Jul 2013Advances (Loan)::Bank ExecutivesView 1777
Precautions to be taken for buying a property/home
  Property is generally purchased once in entire life time by a person. This is perhaps the single largest investment in one’s lifetime. Entire life’s saving is i..    Read  
  By: AnuragPlace: 29 Nov 2012Advances (Loan)::Housing LoanView 1293
Home Loan Purpose includes many things
  Home Loan Purpose includes plot, flat, furnishing of house etc..    Read  
  By: Place: 09 Aug 2012Advances (Loan)::Housing LoanView 1046
Who is Eligible for Home Loan?
  For Home Loan all individuals, NRIs, PIOs having income to repay the loan are entitled.    Read  
  By: AmitPlace: 09 Aug 2012Advances (Loan)::Housing LoanView 1030
What is Home Loan or Housing Loan?
  Definition of Home Loan or Housing Loan is ....    Read  
  By: AmitPlace: 25 Jul 2012Advances (Loan)::Housing LoanView 964
What do you know about Teaser Rates?
  Do you know that teaser loan rates are special home loan rates that are called so, because banks attract customers by offering them lower rates of i..    Read  
  By: kishorPlace: 16 Nov 2010Advances (Loan)::Housing LoanView 1083
Education Loan Scheme for Study in India and Abroad
  Education is central to the Human Resources Development and empowerment in any country. National and State level policies are framed to ensure that this basic ..    Read  
  By: Source : IBAPlace: 19 Jun 2010Advances (Loan)::Education LoanView 986
Home Loan Financing and Required Property Documents
  Home Loan financing is not an easy task. A lot of documents are required for getting loan on time. The requirement of some documents varies from bank to bank bu..    Read  
  By: AmitPlace: 09 Mar 2010Advances (Loan)::Housing LoanView 1605
Home Loan Amount Measurement by Banks and Housing Finance Companies
  Banks and Housing Finance Companies decide home loan amount on the basis of earning, repayment capacity, age and margin contribution of the applicant. Banks and..    Read  
  By: AnkitPlace: 26 Jan 2010Advances (Loan)::Housing LoanView 980
Other costs that usually accompany a home loan
  Home loans usually attract some extra costs like : Processing Charges, Legal Search expenses, property valuation charges etc...    Read  
  By: AmitPlace: 26 Jan 2010Advances (Loan)::Housing LoanView 909
What is a fixed rate of interest?
  There are two types of loan rate applied....    Read  
  By: Source : NHBPlace: 22 Jan 2010Advances (Loan)::Housing LoanView 796
What are the interest rates offered for home loans?
  The Housing Loan interest rate in india is very competitive. Now baks are offering .....    Read  
  By: Source : NHBPlace: 22 Jan 2010Advances (Loan)::Housing LoanView 831
What are the incentives offered by lending institutions?
  Some lending institutions are providing incentive to attract the customers like :    Read  
  By: Source : NHBPlace: 22 Jan 2010Advances (Loan)::Housing LoanView 983
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