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The is offering articles, reviews & information on banking sector particularly in context of India. The believes in free, fair and independent banking concept stabilization amongst various sectors of the society. We concentrated equal efforts on quality, credibility and accuracy. We welcome banking related articles from you, if you are associated with banking & financial activities in India.You can send your banking articles on:
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Foreign Nationals and Foreign Tourists Account Opening and RBI Rules (Updated up to June 22, 2012)
  RBI has made various provisions for account opening of Foreign Nationals and Foreign Tourists. The questions arise on eligibility, transactions, documents; repa..    Read  
  By: AmitPlace: 26 Oct 2012International Banking::Foreign NationalsView 1211
Types of NRI Accounts Offered by different Indian Banks
  Banks offer two types of accounts to NRIs, based on their repatriablity. Repatriable Accounts Funds that can be transferred or repatriated abroad are ..    Read  
  By: Source: WebsPlace: 11 Jun 2010International Banking::View 1317
Opening of Non Resident Indian NRI account
  Non resident Indians have been extended the facility to open an NRE/FCNR account from overseas, by downloading the form from the website of the bank of their c..    Read  
  By: Source: WebsPlace: 11 Jun 2010International Banking::View 1096
Person of Indian Origin (PIO)
  A foreign citizen (other than a citizen of Pakistan or Bangladesh) is deemed to be of Indian origin if : • he at any time    Read  
  By: Source: WebsPlace: 11 Jun 2010International Banking::View 1076
An FCNR Account
  Non-Resident Indians can open accounts under this scheme. The account should be opened by the non-resident account holder himself    Read  
  By: Source: WebsPlace: 11 Jun 2010International Banking::View 966
Eligibility to Open and Maintain FCNR A/c
  With the exception of persons of Indian origin from Bangladesh and Pakistan, all NRIs and PIOs are eligible to maintain an FCNR account with an authorised bank..    Read  
  By: Source: WebsPlace: 11 Jun 2010International Banking::View 1023
Advantage of an FCNR account
  - Principal alongwith interest freely repatriable in the currency of your choice. - No Exchange Risk as the deposit is maintained in foreign    Read  
  By: Source: WebsPlace: 11 Jun 2010International Banking::View 1463
Different Home loans available for NRIs
  Documents required for Resident Indians as well as for NRIs for getting Home Loans are different in some respect. Home loans for NRIs are available for constru..    Read  
  By: Source: WebsPlace: 10 Jun 2010International Banking::View 940
NRI Housing Loan Finance in India
  Purchasing a house is no more a Herculean task for the NRIs as availability of NRI Housing Loan makes property investment a lot lot more convenient. Any indiv..    Read  
  By: Source: WebsPlace: 10 Jun 2010International Banking::View 950
Housing Loans for Non Resident Indians
  Purchasing a house is no more a Herculean task for the NRIs as availability of NRI Housing Loan makes property investment lot more convenient.    Read  
  By: Source: WebsPlace: 10 Jun 2010International Banking::View 851
Eligibility for NRI Housing Loans
  Broadly categorized, Non-Resident Indians qualifying for NRI housing loans are: •Indian citizens who stay abroad for employment or for carrying..    Read  
  By: Source: WebsPlace: 10 Jun 2010International Banking::View 877
Who is an Non-Resident Indian : NRI ?
  The Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are recognized under the Foreign Exchange Regulatory Act, 1973.    Read  
  By: Source:WebPlace: 10 Jun 2010International Banking::View 872
Documents required for availing NRI Housing Loans
  1. Employment/Residency related documents: •Employment contract •Latest salary slip.    Read  
  By: Source:WebPlace: 10 Jun 2010International Banking::View 829
What is NRE account ?
  The Non-Resident (External) Rupee Account NR(E)RA scheme, also known as the NRE scheme, was introduced in 1970. Any NRI can open an NRE account with funds remi..    Read  
  By: Source: WebsPlace: 09 Jun 2010International Banking::View 1228
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