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What is Tele Banking?
  Tele Banking has started attracting modernise urban customers for convenience of facility. Such customers take care of transport bottlenecks, traffic jams, non-availability of time to visit bank branches etc.    Read
  By: Raj Kumar18 Jan 2013Banking Technology::Hardware and Networking TechnologyView 1475
Private ATMs, White Level ATMs in India: RBI Rules, Criteria and Operating Guidelines
  RBI in India allowed private ATMs in India named White Level ATMs ( WLAs) from February 2012 and finally guideline issued in June 2012 vide RBI/2011-12/612 DPSS.CO.PD. No. 2298/02.10.002/2011-2012 dated 20.06.2012.    Read
  By: Ranjan ( Source : Reuters )25 Aug 2012Banking Technology::Hardware and Networking TechnologyView 1440
ATM and RBI Rule – Regulations
  ATM related issues are raised on various forums by users and customers. RBI has prepared some questionnaire with answer on ATM for better customer awareness. These questionnaires are:    Read
  By: Rajiv( Source: RBI)25 Aug 2012Banking Technology::Hardware and Networking TechnologyView 1910
Nevis Networks : Banking Technology Legends of India
  Nevis Networks, a highly specialized Networks Security Technology Company has worldwide operations and is headquartered in Pune.    Read
  By: Sameer (Source : websites)18 Jun 2011Banking Technology::Hardware and Networking TechnologyView 1109
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