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Objectives of Financial Inclusion
  The key objectives of financial inclusion are as follows: Access at a reasonable cost of all households and enterprises to the range of financial services for which they are bankable, including savings, short and long-term credit, leasing and factoring, mortgages, insurance, pensions, payments, local money transfers and international remittances    Read
  By: 31 Dec 2012::View 1805
Financial Inclusion
  The delivery of financial services at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low income segments of society is known as financial inclusion or inclusive financing.    Read
  By: Raj kumar31 Dec 2012Bankers Study Material::View 954
RBI: To Deal in Bills(General Banking Function)
  Reserve Bank of India (RBI) sells, buys and rediscounts the Bills, Hundies and Promissory Notes    Read
  By: Raj kumar20 Dec 2012Bankers Study Material::View 870
Central Bank
  A Central Bank is established in Every country of the world. In USA, Federal Reserve, in UK, Bank of England and in India, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) are examples of the Central Banks.    Read
  By: Anurag07 Dec 2012::View 1089
Capital Market
  In Indian financial system Capital market is one of the most important segments. It fulfills the requirements of the long-term funds of the companies.    Read
  By: Raj kumar04 Dec 2012Bankers Study Material::View 826
Financial Markets in India
  It is a mechanism that allows persons to sell and purchase (Trade) commodities (such as agricultural goods and precious metals), financial securities (such as bonds and stocks), and other fungible items of value at low transaction costs and at prices that reflect the efficient- market speculation. The sum of possible purchaser and sellers of a certain good or service and the transactions took place between them are known as market.    Read
  By: Anurag04 Dec 2012Bankers Study Material::View 764
Money Market
  The market wherein short-term monetary assets are bought and sold is known as Money Market. As per the Reserve Bank of India(RBI), "Money market is the centre of dealings mainly of short-term character in monetary assets .” The two components through which Money Market operates are Financial institutions and Financial instruments .    Read
  By: Anurag04 Dec 2012Bankers Study Material::View 804
Talent Acquisition and Management : Dr K C Chakrabarty, Deputy Governor, RBI
  IBPS is talent acquisition through selection of competent and efficient cadres of personnel, their promotions and placement etc. The institute has made good progress in doing its job. It has moved from a total of 8 lakh registered candidates in 2001-02 to screening about 13 million candidates in 2010 -11. The progress and professionalism is indeed, commendable and I take this opportunity to congratulate Shri Balachandran, the IBPS Governing Board and their entire team.    Read
  By: Dr K C Chakrabarty, Deputy Governor, RBI(Source : 30 Jul 2011Banking Job::View 2684
Informatica Corporation: Banking Technology Legends of India
  Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) is the worlds number one independent provider of data integration software.    Read
  By: Ekta (Source : websites)18 Jun 2011Banking Technology::View 1025
IDRBT Banking Technology Awards
  In order to infuse a spirit of healthy competition and speed up the process of Technology Absorption among the banks of the country,    Read
  By: Ekta(Source: IDRBT)18 Jun 2011Bankers Profile::View 964
CtrlS: Banking Technology Legends of India
  telecommunications giant in the USA. The worlds largest IT service provider.    Read
  By: Ranjan (Source : websites)18 Jun 2011Banking Technology::View 914
Historical Banking Data : Repo Rate in India
  Historical Data of Repo Rate Changes in India since June 2000 to 2011    Read
  By: Ekta(Source : RBI)16 Jun 2011Indian Banking::View 4203
Smart Ways to Use Your Credit Card
  The Credit card is very useful but it depends upon how and when you use it. Your credit card can be the single most important factor in improving and increasing your credit score. On the other hand it can also plummet your score to dark depths if you are not careful. Presently Credit Card Banks/companies are earning more revenues from late fees and charges alone than their residual interest rate. So, think smart and use your credit cards to your advantage. Here are some pointers on what to do and what not to do in order to achieve this reality.    Read
  By: Source : ET, BankBazar, Parrents Magazine15 Dec 2010Credit Cards::View 1110
Home loan agreement and you
  A loan agreement is a ‘contract’ entered into between the borrower and the lender (banks and financial institutions) that regulates the terms of a loan. The loan agreement comes into picture immediately after the bank appraises your credit profile and the property you have identified.   Read
  By: Source- FE10 Nov 2010Finance::View 1082
  Lien is right of retain, in a condition, where, a creditor in possession of goods and securities belonging to his debtor can, in the absence of a contract to the contrary, continue to retain them till his dues are paid.    Read
  By: 21 Jun 2010Bankers Study Material::View 1576
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