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The is offering news, reviews & information on banking sector particularly in context of India. The believes in free, fair and independent banking concept stabilization amongst various sectors of the society. We concentrated equal efforts on quality, credibility and accuracy. We welcome banking related news from you, if you are associated with banking & financial activities in India.You can send your banking news on:
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RBI brought down realisation period for exporters to 9 from 12 months
  Reserve Bank of India to increase foreign exchange inflows has reduced realisation period for exporters to 9months from earlier 12 months.    Read  
  By: Anurag (Source: Business Standard)Place: Mumbai24 Jul 2013International Banking::General BankingView 
RBI campaign to promote awareness on provisions of FEMA
  Reserve Bank of India has launched campaign to promote awareness of the provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).    Read  
  By: Anurag (Source: Business Lines)Place: Vishakapatanam06 Jul 2013International Banking::General BankingView 
Karnataka Bank to offer an Internet-based online money transfer solution to NRIs
  Karnataka Bank to tap NRIs remittance business has offered online money transfer by tie-up with Times of Money.    Read  
  By: Anurag (Source: Business Lines)Place: Mangalore03 Jul 2013International Banking::General BankingView 
SBI enters tie up with Spanish bank to operate in Latin America and Spain
  State Bank of India, Indias largest bank, presently has no physical presence in Latin America and Spain now entered into a tie up with Spanish bank to develop b..    Read  
  By: Anurag ( Source: Business Line)Place: Mumbai25 May 2013International Banking::General BankingView 
SBI signs MOU with Industrial Bank of Korea to support SMEs
  State Bank of India, Indias largest bank, has signed pact with Industrial Bank of Korea to assist the Korean companies in meeting their financial requirements f..    Read  
  By: Anurag (Source: Business Line)Place: New Delhi11 May 2013International Banking::General BankingView 
ADB to provide $2 b loan annually for 3 years to India
  Asian Development Bank will provide $6 billion loan to India in next 3 years. The Asian Development Bank, President, Takehiko Nakao said that bank would cont..    Read  
  By: Anurag (Source: Business Line)Place: New Delhi06 May 2013International Banking::General BankingView 
IOB permitted to open 2 branches in Sri Lanka and second branch in Bangkok
  Indian Overseas Bank, a public sector bank, has been permitted by RBI to open three branches overseas. A public sector bank, Indian Overseas Bank has received..    Read  
  By: Anurag (Source: Business Line)Place: New Delhi04 Apr 2013International Banking::General BankingView 
FirstRand Bank India hopeful break-even by FY 13-14
  FirstRand Bank India is hopeful of reaching the break-even point in its commercial banking services in India by the end of Financial Year 13-14.    Read  
  By: Anurag (Source: Business Line)Place: Mumbai28 Mar 2013International Banking::General BankingView 
Yes Bank launches online remittance platform for non resident Indians: Yes Remit
  Any transaction charges will not be charge for remittances by Bank. Online remittance platform for non resident Indians, called Yes Remit has been launched ..    Read  
  By: Anurag (Source: Business Standard)Place: Mumbai10 Jan 2013International Banking::General BankingView 
Betting on depreciating rupee, lose money on India deposits by NRIs
  The tenure, as well as, the timing of a deposit can make all the difference between a significant gain or a sizeable loss on an NRI deposit reveals an analysis ..    Read  
  By: Anurag(Source:Business Line)Place: Mumbai04 Jan 2013International Banking::General BankingView 
Exim Bank extends $29 m Line of credit to Senegal, Seychelles Government
  Export-Import (Exim) Bank of India has extended a Line of Credit (LoC) of $10 million to the Government of Seychelles, an island in the Indian Ocean and $19 mil..    Read  
  By: Raj kumar (Source:Business Line)Place: New Delhi03 Jan 2013International Banking::General BankingView 
ECGC: Cannot mandate banks to check creditworthiness of foreign buyers
  Says structure of the credit insurance products a hurdle in implementing CAG report Despite the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) insisting Export..    Read  
  By: Anurag(Source:Business Standard)Place: Mumbai28 Dec 2012International Banking::General BankingView 
Interest subsidy extended for some exports by government until March 2014
  Incentives to revive growth in exports announced by the government on Wednesday as it looks to narrow a trade deficit that has put current account balance and c..    Read  
  By: Anurag(Source:Profit NDTV)Place: New Delhi27 Dec 2012International Banking::General BankingView 
RBI expected to relax norms on foreign banks entry soon
  A top government official today said that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is soon expected to relax norms for entry of foreign banks into the country. ..    Read  
  By: Raj kumar (Source:Business Line)Place: New Delhi18 Dec 2012International Banking::General BankingView 
To check black money flow to banks Switzerland proposes new Bill
  A new Bill to prevent its banks and other institutions from accepting “untaxed assets” from their clients and put in place a stricter due diligence regime h..    Read  
  By: Anurag(Source:Business Line)Place: New Delhi17 Dec 2012International Banking::General BankingView 
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