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Fintech helps banks disburse more loans
  Personal loans grew the most at 35.7 per cent followed by credit card outstanding at over 32.5 per cent.    Read  
  By: GK GUPTA(ET)Place: Chandigarh04 Sep 2017Indian Banking::View 
SBI cuts deposit rates; PPF to fetch lower interest rate. What should you do?
  Interest rates are on a downhill for quite some time now. State Bank of India the biggest lender, has slashed its one to two year deposit rates further by up to..    Read  
  By: GK GUPTAPlace: Chandigarh04 Sep 2017Indian Banking::View 
BRICS Summit | We are in mission-mode to eradicate poverty, ensure gender equality: PM Modi
  Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BRICS leaders as they arrived for the summit in China's Xiamen.    Read  
  By: GK GUPTAPlace: Chandigarh04 Sep 2017Govt & RBI Policy::View 
PSBs told to approach alternative mechanism to fast-track mergers
  The Cabinet gave its in-principle approval to the alternative mechanism late last month. The government said it will notify the final scheme in consultation w..    Read  
  By: GK GUPTA(ET)Place: Chandigarh04 Sep 2017Govt & RBI Policy::View 
Global rating agency Moody's today gave a stable outlook to the country's banking system due to the
  The 15 banks rated by Moody's in the country together account for about 70 per cent of assets in the system.    Read  
  By: GK Gupta (ET)Place: Chandigarh01 Sep 2017Indian Banking::View 
Banks non-food credit growth slows to 5.3% in July
  Credit growth to major sub-sectors such as infrastructure, basic metal and metal products, textiles, petroleum, coal products and nuclear fuels and all engineer..    Read  
  By: GK Gupta (ET)Place: Chandigarh01 Sep 2017Govt & RBI Policy::View 
PSB chiefs' selection may be put on hold amid merger push
  The government will likely impose a temporary halt on the selection of state-run bank chiefs as it looks to push lenders toward consolidation.    Read  
  By: GK Gupta (ET)Place: Chandigarh01 Sep 2017Govt & RBI Policy::View 
Fall out of demonetisation on predicted lines, economy will benefit in medium & long term: Arun Jait
  Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday said the fall out of demonetisation was on predicted lines and the economy will benefit in medium and long term.    Read  
  By: GK Gupta (DNA)Place: Chandigarh31 Aug 2017Govt & RBI Policy::View 
Govt may delay PSB mergers as RBIís new norm on insolvency may hit banks balance sheet
  IN the event of resolution,under new norms,banks will typically need to take a haircut as well.    Read  
  By: GK Gupta (ET)Place: Chandigarh31 Aug 2017Govt & RBI Policy::View 
Demonetisation: Small gains, big promise; RBI intercepts only 7.62 lakh pieces of counterfeit notes
  By: GK Gupta (DNA)Place: Chandigarh31 Aug 2017Govt & RBI Policy::View 
Kamineni firms land at NCLT on bad loan woes
  RBI had asked lenders to initiate steps against a dozen defaulters under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.    Read  
  By: GK Gupta(ET)Place: Chandigarh30 Aug 2017Govt & RBI Policy::View 
These stocks may be part of RBI's second list of over 40 defaulters
  Two months after it asked banks to initiate insolvency proceedings against 12 top defaulters in the country , RBI has drawn up a second list of over 40 defaulte..    Read  
  By: GK Gupta (ET)Place: Chandigarh30 Aug 2017Govt & RBI Policy::View 
Public sector banks take recovery action against 5,954 wilful defaulters
  Public sector banks have taken loan recovery action under Sarfaesi law against 5,954 wilful defaulters owing about Rs70,000 crore to the lenders. At the end of..    Read  
  By: GK GuptaPlace: Chandigarh29 Aug 2017Indian Banking::View 
Financial year change to Jan-Dec ruled out, all states not in favour
  On The Back Burner Any change in the financial year would have to be agreed upon by all states, and a number of them were not in favour Prime Minister Narendr..    Read  
  By: GK GuptaPlace: Chandigarh29 Aug 2017Govt & RBI Policy::View 
Post-demonetisation, 99% of Rs 1,000 notes back with RBI?
  How many worthless Rs 1,000 and 500 notes were hoarders of black money left holding on to after demonetisation because they couldn't reveal they had them? No of..    Read  
  By: GK GuptaPlace: Chandigarh27 Aug 2017Govt & RBI Policy::View 
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