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Banking Interview: a sample

By: Raj Kumar,      Update:21 Mar 2013

When you are called for interview, open the door gently and after entering inside close the door very gently. Then move towards board members and reaching near to them say good morning/noon/afternoon/evening as the case may be. By doing so, you look towards all the members of the board. Also take care if there is any lady member then use the word ‘madam’ also.

Do not sit until you are asked to do so.



Candidate: Good morning/ noon/afternoon/evening, Sir/madam.

(The Chief of interview board directs you to take your seat meant for the candidates.)

Chief: What is your name?

Candidate:  Sir, I am Vijay Kumar.

Chief: What is your qualification?

Vijay: Sir, I am M.Com.

Chief: What are you doing presently?

Vijay: I am in search of job and preparing competition.

Chairman: Have you qualified any other exam?

Vijay: yes sir. I have qualified written test but could not qualify interview. 

Chief: Have you analyse yourself what was the reason of your disqualification.

Vijay: Yes sir. I think that my interview has gone good but may be in written I got lower marks.     


First Member: You are from Rajasthan. Why it is famous?

Vijay: It is famous for its culture. There are no. of historical places, forts etc which attracts tourist from India as well as abroad.

First Member: As regards area of state at which no. Rajasthan state comes in India and what is its area?

Vijay: As regards area Rajasthan state is largest state in India and comes at no. one. (Vijay could not reply2nd part) Sorry sir, area I am not aware.

Second Member: Vijay since you are M.Com. Tell me what is balance sheet.  

Vijay: Sir, a balance sheet is a statement of assets and liabilities / financial position of a business concern on a given date say March 31.

First Member: What is a contingent liability?

Vijay: Contingent liabilities are those liabilities which may or may not occur. First Member: Where it is shown in balance sheet.

Vijay: (could not reply) Sir I am unable to recollect at the moment.

(These liabilities are not reflected in the body of balance sheet but are shown as a footnote in the balance sheet. Due to this reason these are also known as off-balance sheet items.)


Third Member: Vijay you mentioned in your bio-data that plying cricket is your hobby.

Vijay: Yes. Sir,

Third Member: You are batsman or baller.

Vijay: Sir, I am all rounder.

Third Member: Who is your ideal?

Vijay: Kapil Dev

Second Member: What is ‘Doosara’ ball in cricket?

Vijay: (Could not reply properly.) Sorry, sir.

First Member: Do you read news paper.

Vijay: yes sir.

First Member: Which news paper

Vijay: Times of India, sir.

First Member: Who is its chief editor?

Vijay:  (could not reply)Sorry sir,

First Member: What are the headlines of today’s news paper?

Vijay: (headlines of the today’s paper were told by Vijay)

Second Member: Who is elected as pope

Vijay: Pope Francis elected on 13th March, 2013.

Second Member: What was his birth name?

Vijay: Sir, Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Second Member: Who was predecessor?

Vijay: Sir, Benedict XVI

Chief: Who is regulator of bank?

Vijay: Sir, RBI.

Chief: What are monetary tools RBI has?

Vijay: Sir CRR, SLR& Bank rate

Chief: Thank you Mr vijay.

Vijay: Thank you sir, have a nice day.

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