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IBPS Bank PO, Clerk and Specialist Officers CWE Modal Paper: Computer Awareness

By: Rohit,      Update:22 Jan 2013

1. Large amounts of cheques are processed by using

(a) OCR         (b) MICR       (c) OMR        (d) All of these


2. The concentric circles on the floppy disk are further divided into

(a) tracks      (b) sectors     (c) cylinders   (d) None of these


3. Which of the following storage devices can be used for storing large backup data?

(a) Floppy disk         (b) Hard disk  (c) Magnetic tape      (d) None of these


4. Which statement is correct?

(a) Directories can be kept inside a file      (b) Files can not be kept inside a directory

(c) 1 millisec = 10A3 sec      (d) None of these


5. CHKDSK can be used to find

(a) disk's bad portion    (b) occupied space      (c) free space    (d) All of these


6. DIR command is used to

(a) display a list of files in a directory        (b) display contents of tiles in directory

(c) display type of files in a sub-directory  (d) All of these


7. To copy the file from drive c: to drive a

(a) drive c: copy drive a:\   (b) c:a: copy

(c) copy c:\ a:         (d) Both *b' and 'c'


8. While working with MS-DOS which key is used to get the previous command used?

(a) F3 (b) F1 (c) F6  (d) F9


9. All open, close icons are there on the which toolbar?

(a) Formatting         (b) Standard  (c) Drawing    (d) Table


10. You can enter page number from which menu?

(a) Edit         (b) File          (c) Insert       (d) Tool


11. Text can be styled using

(a) font         (b) size         (c) colour      (d) clipArt


12. You can start a new document using new command which is under this menu

(a) new         (b) edit         (c) file (d) window


13. Cut operations places the selected text into an area in the memory called

(a) clip board (b) buffers    (c) window     (d) dialog Box


14. What is the primary difference between a pivot table report and a cross tab query?

(a) A pivot table report can contain sums, counts, and averages while a cross tab query cannot

(b) You cant pivot a cross tab query

(c) A cross tab query lets you group similar items. A pivot table report does not

(d) None of the above


15. Which of the following is a correct definition of volatile memory?

(a) It does its contents at high temperatures

(b) It is to be kept in air-tight boxes

(c) It loses its contents on failure of power supply

(d) It does not lose its contents on failure of power supply


16. One thousand bytes represent a

(a) megabyte (b) gigabyte   (c) kilobyte    (d) None of these


17. The largest unit of a database is

(a) a record (b) a field (c) a subfield (d) None of these


18. What’s the best access object for an invoice you will mail to customers?

(a) A report (b) A form (c) A table (d) All of these


19. What is a Grouped Report?

(a) A type of report that can be generated by the report wizard

(b) A report that displays data that has been sorted in ascending or descending order

(c) A report that displays data grouped by fields you specify

(d) None of the above


20. A (n) or command is the basic building block of a macro.

(a) Action (b) expression (c) function (d) procedure




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