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IBPS Bank PO, Clerk CWE Model Test Paper 2: Computer Awareness

By: Manish,      Update:22 Jan 2013

1. The operating system of a computer series as a software interface between the user and

(a) Hardware   (b) peripheral  (c) memory      (d) screen


2. The term operating system refers to

(a) A set of programs which controls computer working

(b) The way a computer operator works

(c) Conversion of high level language into machine code

(d) The way a floppy disk drive operates


3. Operating system is

(a) A collection of hardware components (b) a collection of input-output devices

(c) A collection of software routines    (d) All of these


4. Operating system

(a) Links a program with the subroutines it references

(b) Provides a layered, uses - friendly interface

(c) Enables the programmer to draw a flow chart

(d) All of the above


5. The following command set is correct according to their function

(a) RD can MD (b) DEL and ERASE      (c) CD and RD    (d) COPY and RENAME


6. Which command is used to change the file name?

(a) Ren                (b) Rename      (c) Both a and b        (d) None of these


7. While working with MS-DOS, which command is used to copying the files to transfer one PC to another one?

(a) Rename (b) Path (c) Dir (d) Copy


8. RESTORE command is used to

(a) Restore files from disks made using the BACKUP command

(b) Restore files which are deleted

(c) Restore files from recycle bin

(d) Restore files which are deleted recently

Ans- (a)

9. Which field allow to select items from drop down list?

(a) An OLE field (b) A memo field (c) A lookup field (d) A hyperlink field


10. What did the first table analyser do?

(a) Analyse the data in a set of flat files and automatically create a relational database system from that information

(b) Provide a graphic way to design relational databases

(c) Automate process of connecting tables to SQL server

(d) None of the above


11. Pivot table reports are good for

(a) Analysing large amounts of data

(b) Turning tables upside down

(c) Breaking spreadsheet data into multiple worksheet

(d) None of the above


12. Which of the following columns can not be found in the macro design window?

(a) Arguments column    (b) Comment column     (c) Conditions column    (d) Actions column


13. Book1 is an example of how……       are numbered and named during each work session.

(a) Active cell (b) formula bar (c) menu bar (d) name box


14. Which of the following displays the contents of the active cell?

(a) Active cell (b) Formula bar        (c) Menu bar  (d) Name box


15. Graphics objects on a chart are used to

(a) Add emphasis to chart data      (b) add interest to a chart

(c) Help explain the chart data        (d) All of these


16. What does SUMIF function do?

(a) Adds up cell values based on a condition (b) Adds all the numbers in a range of cells

(c) Returns a subtotal in a list or database (d) All of these


17. You can insert labels for

(a) All the data markers on a chart (b) a data series (c) a selected data marker (d) All of these


18. Which of the following options in the printer dialog box would you select to print slides 5 and 12 in a

(a) Slides       (b) Custom shows        (c) Current slide    (d) All of these


19. The primary job of the operating system of a computer is to

(a) Command resources   (b) be user friendly      (c) provide utilities        (d) All of these



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