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Wage Revision:10th Bipartite Settlement:

Salary Revision in Banks and Delay: Historical Data

By: Raj Kumar,      Update:04 Oct 2014




Salary revision of bank employees in India is always delayed; they were not getting any revision on schedule time since banking industry established in the country.





Bank employee’s salary revision is known as Bipartite Settlement in India. Now 10th Bipartite settlement was due on 1.11.2012 but there is no positive indication of settlement finalised.









The historical due dates of settlements and actual date of bipartite settlement is given below:















Bipartite Settlement               Due Date          Actual Settlement date     Time Taken

                                                                                                              (in  months)

1ST Bipartite Settlement       01.01.1966                    19.10.1966

2nd Bipartite Settlement       01.01.1970                    12.10.1970                

3rd Bipartite Settlement        01.09.1978                    01.08.1979

4th Bipartite Settlement        01.09.1982*                  17.09.1984                                  24

5th Bipartite Settlement        01.07.1987**                  10.04.1989                                 21

6th Bipartite Settlement        01.11.1992                    14.02.1995                                  28

7th Bipartite Settlement        01.11.1997                     27.03.2000                                 29

8th Bipartite Settlement        01.11.2002                     02.06.2005                                 32

9th Bipartite Settlement        01.11.2007                     27.04.2010                                 30

10th Bipartite Settlement      01.11.2012                 Pending


*Effective from 01.07.1983

** Effective from 01.11.1987


Bank Staff can observe from above table that there is always delay of 2 to 2.5 years in wage settlement.  In view of above wage settlement will take much more time.


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