Space Required for Bank ATM and Branch

Space Required for ATM and Bank Branch

at 628 District Head Quaters and Towns(above 2 Lacs Population)

Submit information of your available space details if you are willing to provide your space to bank on rent for ATM and or bank branch premises. Bank requires minimum 80 sq ft space for ATM and minimum 1000 sq ft for branch premises. Please mention Town, District and State in address of property coloumn with accuracy. Only owners are requested to sumbit information. Before submission please ensure all coloumns are full filled, otherwise incomplete information can not be included. For same property more than one submission will not be accepted. Information through other person can not be accepted. We are receiving large number of entries daily which increased our mainetance costing,for maintainance of data and keeping well-informed to banks, now we are accepting only one entry free for one property, for submission of the same property in another sub-categories required to paid submission. The paid submission includes image and other details of the property and regular information to banks abount your available space.
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    Caution: Be cautious about cheating on the name of survey of ATMs for banks. It is came in our knowledge that some fake agencies are claiming authorize agents of some banks and asking demanding amounts form premises owners for survey of ATM sites. No any bank demanding such survey charges or any other fee. Please do not rely on such fake survey of your sites. Please apply directly to concerned banks.
  Note :
  1. Please submit separate forms for ATM and Bank Branch.In case of bank branch ATM space is presumed to be available in the same premises.
  2. The above choice of the applicant is being collected and intended for 'Availabilty Survey' only.
Bank Branch ATM Space Required by Banks
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