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Poll Results on banking: Demonetisation effect in India
Q.Is black money discovered during demonatisation(NotBandi)? according to you:    26-02-2017, Total Vote: 59
    64.41 %(38)
    28.81 %(17)
    6.78 %(4)

Q.Avinashpoll    2016-12-25

Q.Notbandi is an efforts towards black-money control, but according to you,    2016-11-23

Q.Maximum PSU banks are seen in loss. Is it’s a bad loan cleanup move or govt want to show these banks are failure and after cleanup of bad loans in next financial year 2016-2017 record profit will be seen surely. Then govt may take advantage of result of banking reforms:    2016-02-16

Q.According to you, Is Gold Monetisation Scheme will increase security risk of banks and bank staff?    2015-10-24

Q.Where Ministry of Financial Services is managing banks and RBI is supervising , Is any meaning of Indian Banks association?    2015-09-12

Q.Five-Days banking (2nd & 4th Saturday off) is major achievement of 10th wage settlement; According to you it will be implemented:    2015-07-19

Q.According to you, who will save from bank union levy loot to bankers?    2015-05-28

Q.Five-Days banking (2nd & 4th Saturday off) is not a monetary matter of wage settlement; According to you it should be implemented:    2015-03-17

Q.If govt is not taking interest in providing adequate salary to bank employees due to dominance of communist affiliated employees unions in banking industry. Bank employees are getting half salary than central govt employees. According to you:    2015-01-20

Q.According to you, proposed strike of banks on 21 Jan to 24 January 2015 for bank employees wage revision is going to be held:    2015-01-18

Q.According to you, appointment of part time Chairman in PSU banks is:    2015-01-04

Q.Govt bank employees are poorly paid govt employees. Without reform in PSU bank employees’ salary structure and facilities any banking reform is meaningless. Do you agree with?    2014-12-26

Q.Bank employees are on one day strike again for their long pending salary revision with loss of salary of strike day. Till date every bank employee has lost 5 days salary and got nothing. According to you:    2014-11-11

Q.The Narendra Modi is first Prime Minister of India who has praised contribution of bank employees. Bank employees are getting 40% less salary than central govt employees after implementation of 6th Pay commission. The bank unions demanded 25% salary increase. The rumor is floating in banking industry that govt to rewarding bank employees may suo moto announce implementation of 6th Pay Commission in banking industry. According to you:    2014-10-13

Q.All India one day Bank Strike called by employees unions on 28 October 2014 against undue delay in 10th Bipartite wage revision which is pending from two years. According to you:    2014-10-04

Q.In banking industry traditional employee union system is on verge of change and getting shape with modern approach. According to you new generation leadership have to:    2014-09-14

Q.According to you, account opening of grass rout people of India under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana will infuse money in banking system which was kept cash in homes or invested with unsecured debtors:    2014-09-03

Q.According to you how much account will be open on Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna(PMJDY) inauguration day 28 August 2014?    2014-08-26

Q.According to you, which is most convenient method of banking in India?    2014-08-10

Q.Banking Reform 1996 has changed the Indian economy significantly due to liberalized policy in several areas. Is banking in India needs another reforms again in 2015? According to you:    2014-07-06

Q.According to you, the new govt will finalise long pending wage revision (since Nov 2012) of bank employees within:    2014-05-16

Q.On the issue of bank employees salary revision no political party has given supporting or sympathetic statement. Is every bank employee going to ask questions to MP candidates when they will come for vote in their constituencies?    2014-03-09

Q.Parliamentary Election is going to be announced very shortly (any day). If Bank Employees Wage Revision not signed before election, according to you, who will be responsible for this jolt to bank employees:    2014-02-26

Q.According to you, 10 lacs bank employees having 50 lacs votes(with family) are not getting deserved salary revision, reason:    2014-02-08

Q.According to you, when Bank Employees 10th Wage Revision will take place?    2014-01-29

Q.Bankers 10th wage revision talks are in progress. In 9th settlement of 2010 they got an increase of 17.5% where as central govt employees got 60% increase. Now for new settlement of 2014 govt is offering only 9.5%. According to you, what minimum increase in salary is acceptable for a general banker in this settlement?    2014-01-17

Q.Indian Banks Association decided to close low traffic ATMs at night to reduce security expenses. According to you:    2013-12-29

Q.Introduction of Rs.200 currency note will ease public in cash transaction in present inflation and increased purchasing power scenario. According to you:    2013-12-24

Q.All India one day Bank Strike called by employees unions on 19 December 2013 against undue delay in 10th Bipartite wage revision which is pending since Nov 2012. According to you:    2013-11-27

Q.Govt is going to launch India’s first women bank for female customers only. According to you, Is it practical to manage this by only female staff?    2013-11-04

Q.CMD post of average 3-4 PSU banks are always seen vacant, it’s hampering country’s economy. In your opinion, reason behind this:    2013-10-20

Q.Govt is going to issue 7 new bank licenses.According to you, in nation and public interest to be issued to:    2013-10-08

Q.Govt of India has set up 7th Pay Commission for Central Govt employees which implementation will be due in January 2016.Bank employees 10 th Bipartite was due in November 2012 but till date Govt has not announced settlement It is injustice with bank employees, Govt have to announce settlement as earliest:    2013-09-26

Q.IBPS has now relaxed maximum age limit to 30 years for Probationary Officers and Management Trainees exam. Is it positive step by IBPS for unemployed youths?    2013-07-24

Q.Where for IAS / IPS UPSC apply max age limit is 30 years. Now Central Govt has reduced age limit for bank job aspirants to max 28 years. Is it justice with unemployed youths?    2013-07-20

Q.Many candidates who take up bank jobs only to quit in a short tis?    2013-07-12

Q.Keeping in view of employees weak union-associations and Government attitude towards bank employees,in your opinion in which year salary revision 10th bipartite settlement will take place.    2013-06-01

Q.IBA has offered for introduction of Cost to Company (CTC) concept in 10th bipartite settlement. Should bank unions accept it?    2013-05-22

Q.Is this the right time to invest in gold?    2013-04-16

Q.Banks are taking more interest in selling Gold, Insurance and Mutual fund. Is ban on such activity will improve customer service of banks?    2013-04-08

Q.Will RBI reduce repo rate in monetary policy review on March 19?    2013-03-13

Q.Is Union Budget 2013-2014 beneficial for salaried peoples?    2013-02-28

Q.Trade union in SBI is govt dominated and SBI employees are getting more wages (by means of perks) than other PSU and Commercial banks. Is bank employees political inclination responsible for poor wage revision?    2013-02-19

Q.Should Standard deduction be allowed in Income Tex for Salaried People?    2013-02-17

Q.Is NPS a better option for employees than Provident Fund?    2013-02-08

Q.PO in SBI is getting more salary and perk than other PSU banks where same salary patern is applicable, Why such Discrimination ?    2013-01-27

Q.Should RBI cut CRR?    2013-01-22

Q.Should limit for withdrawal from other banks ATM s be enhanced?    2013-01-22

Q.Will RBI cut their rate in ensuing Monetary Policy?    2013-01-09

Q.Banks now can be set up by Business houses. Is that good for the sector?    2012-12-31

Q.Is the new Provident Fund directive beneficial to employees?    2012-12-15

Q.Highly inflated property prices in India are now on verse of crash. How much price you are expecting to be come down within six months?    2012-11-16

Q.With markets gaining, will there be a revival of IPO market in this FY?    2012-11-04

Q.Do you see a hiring slowdown in the rest of this financial year?    2012-10-25

Q.Will monetary easing in the West cause asset bubbles in emerging markets?    2012-10-15

Q.Will recent reform measures lead to a revival of domestic investment?    2012-10-06

Q.With the new policy, will India attract significant FDI in retail?    2012-09-24

Q.Is RBI right in not cutting rates at this point of time?    2012-09-18

Q.Have the markets peaked out over the short term?    2012-09-03

Q.Do Indian work places measure up to global standards?    2012-08-22

Q.Is the US economy finally on path to sustained growth?    2012-08-21

Q.Would Team Anna be able to electorally challenge major political parties?    2012-08-04

Q.If Rahul Gandhi joins the govt and become a minister, will be it positive signal for economic growth?    2012-07-17

Q.Who is your Choice for president?    2012-07-07

Q.1    2012-06-29

Q.1    2012-05-16

Q.Should the government allow FDI in the aviation sector?    2012-04-15

Q.Is the government serious about cracking down on black money?    2012-03-13

Q.Introduction of private ATMs by RBI will open door of 2nd Financial Sector Reform in India and assist in achievement of Financial Inclusion goal?    2012-02-17

Q.Why not 5 days a week banking implemented in India, where banking industry is well equipped with ultramodern high-tech facilities like internet banking, mobile banking, ATM, POS,RTGS,NEFT etc which fulfill customer’s monetary need 24 hours? 5 days a week banking will:    2011-12-22

Q.Recently 40 lacs applicants applied for PSU bank Job, What is the reason behind huge demand for PSU bank jobs?    2011-12-04

Q.Bank’s earning percent of misc charges increased compared to interest on loan in previous years. Would you prefer such banks who came forward with no charges and lesser interest rate on saving accounts?    2011-11-09

Q.Is Saving Banks Interest rate Deregulation beneficial for all depositors?    2011-10-27

Q.How much slabs (1 slab = 0.15 %) of Dearness Allowance would you expect to increase for bank employees from November 2011?    2011-10-16

Q.Should bribe-givers be excused and only bribe-takers punished?    2011-10-12