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Circular issued on Wage Revision by Bank Officers Organisation : AIBOC

By:  Source : AIBOC , Place:  New Delhi ,  Update:05 Apr 2010



Circular issued on Wage Revision by Bank Officers Organisation : AIBOC
CIRCULAR NO. 42                                                                    03.04.2010

          We could not have chosen a better month than April 2010 for inking the historical 9th bipartite agreement between the All India Bank Officers’ Confederation and the Indian Banks’ Association covering over 2.5 lac officers working in the Banking Industry, as the major Officers’ organization in the country. Our members may recollect that the All India Bank Officers’ Confederation was founded on 6th October 1985 at the Foundation Conference held at Delhi. However, the seeds of the Confederation were almost sown mentally by several leaders of the Bank Officers’ movement during the period January 1985 to May 1985 with a firm determination. It was due to the fact that the priority of the leadership of the then AICOBOO was getting shifted from the crucial negotiations on salary revision, as they were on a foreign trip to attend the international conference during this period. Thus, the determination to form the All India Bank Officers’ Confederation got strengthened during these months in the year 1985.
2.       The details of the discussions between IBA and the Confederation on the Salary Revision are being shared with the members at regular intervals. The major break through came during the middle of March 2010, due to the persistent efforts on part of the leadership of the Confederation to ensure fair distribution of the wage increase of 17.5% among various components of salary and allowances.   The undersigned along with the President of the Confederation Com.K.S.Shetty, and other senior office-bearers held a number of parleys and thereafter had discussions exclusively with the officials of the IBA and the Chairman of IBA to pave the way for a smooth finalization of the agreement. The dialogue also helped us in ensuring a fair deal to the Officers in all the scales.
3.     The Confederation is solely responsible for ensuring two additional stagnation increments in Scale I to III over and above the existing stagnation increments. The idea of stagnation was not welcomed by the representatives of IBA on the plea that the Officers are supposed to get promoted and not expected to stagnate. However, the vacancy constrains have made our officers to stagnate in the lower scales and many of our comrades have not been drawing increments for more than a decade. The stagnation increments thus will help us to indirectly take our scales up to the scale IV leaving a small gap of one increment. Thus we could elongate our scales now up to Scale IV due to the judicial distribution of the wage increase load available to us. We have also taken care of fair increase in the scales of Top Executives.
4.       While, the salient features of the entire agreement would be shared with the membership across the country only when the final agreement is signed, we thought it fit, in order to silence some of our detractors from their vitious campaign against the Confederation we are furnishing the arithmetical aspects of the distribution of the load factor. The important ingredients of the working out are as follows:-
JMGS-I - Rs.14, 500/-    TO Rs.31, 500/-@
MMGS-II - Rs.19, 400/- TO Rs.34, 200/-@
MMGS-III - Rs.25, 700/- TO Rs.35, 100/-@
@including two additional stagnation increments
SMGS-IV - Rs.30, 600/- TO Rs.36, 200/-
SMGS-V - Rs.36, 200/- TO Rs.40, 400/-
TEG-VI - Rs.42,000/- TO Rs.46,800/-
TEG-VII - Rs.46,800/- TO Rs.52,000/-
For every 4 points rise/fall in index, Dearness Allowance at 0.15% per slab.
We have freezed the existing CCA and utilized the amount towards improvement in Basic Pay. Accordingly, CCA rates will be as under;
Places in Area I - 4% of Basic Pay, Max. Rs.540/- p.m.
Places with population of more than 5 lacs - 3% of Basic Pay,
Max.  Rs.375/- p.m.
We have retained the existing rate of HRA as under:
           Major A class cities -       8.5%
           Other places in Area I -   7.5%
           Other places -                 6.5%
For officers other than SBI, the medical aid has been enhanced as; 
Scale I to III –             Rs. 5100/- p.a.
Scale IV & above -      Rs. 6320/- p.a.
It is a fact that majority of senior officers in Scale I to III are stagnated as promotions are linked to vacancies.  Hence, we have ensured to add two additional stagnation increments in these scales.
Date of Effect : 1st November 2007.
 The other details will be shared later. We expect that final settlement on salary revision; pension for CPF optees and residual issues will be arrived at during second week of April, 2010.
5. Comrades, in the given circumstances; when we secured pension for CPF optees, this is one of the best settlements on salary revision for officers. We are successful in ensuring fair increase in basic pay for all scales/grades and two additional stagnation increments to Scale I to Scale III, which is the unique achievement in the 9th bipartite. The concept of stagnation increment for officers was first time introduced during 1987 and there was no improvement thereafter except adding one more stagnation increment to MMGS III during the period.
6. Members are requested not to be guided by any type of rumors and adverse comments. We compliment our members for their tolerance, faith and maturity displayed in standing like a rock behind the Confederation.
7. In the meanwhile, the leadership of the Confederation will be meticulously planning to herald the commencement of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations to coincide with the inking of the 9th Bipartite Agreement. The details will be circularised in due course.
With revolutionary greetings,
                                                                               GENERAL SECRETARY
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2 Recent Comments
Rajan Vembar    07 September 2010
Where can I get a copy of the 8th Bipartite Settlement. I would apprefciate if you could guide me to a copy of the circular issued by IBA.
M.S.GHOSH    26 May 2010
The banks are yet to issue any circular for payment arrears & offering options for pension.When we may expect the same?
2 More Comments
  Rajan Vembar : 07 September 2010 :
Where can I get a copy of the 8th Bipartite Settlement. I would apprefciate if you could guide me to a copy of the circular issued by IBA.
  M.S.GHOSH : 26 May 2010 :
The banks are yet to issue any circular for payment arrears & offering options for pension.When we may expect the same?
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